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We have lots of buyers looking for homes and there simply is not enough.  Thinking of selling or know someone who is, let us know.  Below are just a few of what are immediate buyers are looking for in homes or property.   

Buyer A

Location: 20-25min Radius from Fairfield (prefer West Chester or Liberty Twp)

Features: Single Family, 3BR+, 2BA+, 1/2Acre+ Lot, Prefer an In-ground Pool or Could Add, Prefer 3+Garage or Could Add

Price Range: 200,000 - 325,000


Buyer B

Location:  Loveland, West Chester, Mason, Symmes Twp, Sycamore, Montgomery Area, Blue Ash

Features:  Single Family, 2BR+, 2BA+, Ranch, 1st Floor Laundry

Price Range: 150,000-240,000


Buyer C

Location: Fairfield, West Hamilton, Lakota School District, Monroe, Springdale, Sharonville

Features:  Single Family, 4BR, 2.5BA, Garage, Flat Yard

Price Rance:  200,000-235,000


Buyer D

Location:  West Side, Ross, Harrison

Features: Single Family or Land, 3BR+, 2BA+, 5Acres+

Price Range: 300,000-425,000


Buyer E

Location: Ross Local School District

Features: Single Family, 3BR+2BA+, 5 Acres+

Price Range: 200,000-425,000


Buyer F

Location: West Side, Colerain, Green Twp Areas

Features:  Condo, Ranch, Attached Garage, Finished Lower Level

Price Range: 135,000-300,00


Buyer G

Location: Lakota, Mason and Sycamore School Districts

Features: Single Family, 3BR+, 2BA+, 1Acre Lot

Price Range: 300,000-450,000


Buyer H

Location:  Hamilton County

Features: 5+Unit Apartment Building (Can be in need of TLC)

Price Range: 200,000-500,000


Buyer I

Location: West Chester, Fairfield, Sharonville, Monfort Heights, 45247 Green Twp, White Oak, Springfield Twp and Finnytown

Features: Single Family, 3BR+, 2BA+ (2full), Prefer Garage, No Painted or Busy Roads, Prefer Finished Basement, May Considered a Light TLC on Cosmetics if the home fits

Price Range 100,000-170,000


Buyer J

Location: Walnut Hills, Evanston, Northside, Avondale, Norwood, Madisonville, Oakley, Mt. Lookout, Pleasent Ridge, Incline District 

Features: Single Family, 2BR+, 2BA+, Garage or Off Street Parking is a MUST

Price Range:  150,000-280,000


Buyer K

Location: Hyde Park Areas 

Features: Single Family, Move-In Ready/Updated, Off Street Parking, 3BR+,3BA+

Price Range: 300,000-585,000



If you are thinking of Selling or Might have something or know of something that fits these buyers 

or want see if what you have fits anyone in our large pool, give us a call!!! 

513-839-5003  |  513-839-5595